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Jyothi G

A Wife, Mother, Coach, Speaker, Podcaster and best buddy to reach :-)


And you should know that.....I'm an enthusiastic, engaging  L&D specialist, with over 19 years in shaping learning for multi-functional organizations primarily in the IT service industry. Rich experience of leading & managing learning solutions globally with a customer-centric focus to drive business growth through competency building, knowledge management,  operational management,  organisational development, training & coaching by enhancing employee skill as well as business development.

My Learnings

Where the Passion Begins


Holding a Master’s Degree in HRM, Master’s in English and a Bachelor's in Library & Information Science.

Success does not come easy and it is the decisions that we fail to take today that will most likely determine our future.

I solemnly declare that I will follow the trainer spirit, the essence of which is to collaborate, support and help the trainers fraternity and build a better nation through ethical practices.

I'm grateful for lovely support from the family members!

I love my family, I love my life and I love engaging, enlightening & empowering others to excel to their own true potential.

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