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Stars of Learning Podcast

Mission of Podcast - Engage, Enlighten & Empower

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Why Podcast


Glad to e-meet!

My name is Jyothi G, founder, and host of “Stars of Learning” Podcast, where I interview eminent industry leaders, management experts, entrepreneurs, educator and many more from various industries, who have vast experience and in-depth knowledge on the L&D topic.

This podcast series will expose best practices of learning in the 21st century. We will also discuss challenges, solutions, latest trends, tools, technology integration, leadership and  their journey in the learning field

How was the idea of the `Stars of Learning’ born?

Being in the Learning & development  profession, I get a chance to  meet so many amazing people with great knowledge who has so much of passion in building strong learning culture to help individuals and their organization or best practices they have brought into the system and been successful. I felt it’s important to curate & share their story to all by noting their success path and challenging journey and importantly how they have applied and made learning impactful.
So friends, I feel this conversation is going to stand out as this will influence, help you to connect with these thought leaders and inspire you to take some actionable steps and be successful.


What's In It For You (WIIFY)

These shows are sure to accelerate your learning, enhance your capability, connect with these inspiring leaders and keep you well-versed with the disruption or change happening currently and in the future at learning phase. ​

  • Are you an individual who believes that continuous learning is required for your growth and success?

  • If you are a leader for an organization who focus on up skill the workforce to keep up with the market trend or

  • Are you an HR professional who is accountable for employee’s performance development? &

  • If you are a Learning and Development professional responsible for holistic development of employees...

then this “Stars of Learning” Podcast is for you.

I assure you that you will Master the best of what people have already figured out.

Call for Action

What more: - For me Podcast was an answer for learning through multitasking as each of the speakers I have lined up brings a unique perspective to the themes & conversations we will have on their ideas, tips and insights on how to make learning success for an individual as well as for the organization.  I’m sure you all agree that There’s nothing more inspiring than learning from these thought leaders.

It’s so simple guys that you can listen to this podcast during your commute, your lunch break, or while working out in gym or when in regular mundane operational work and even during the weekends.

What else!!!!!    Please do show us your love by subscribing to this channel, sharing to your family, friends, relatives and whoever can benefit from this podcast and do add it your favorites list!

Pls leave your comment and review as this will definitely help me to keep making these shows better.

And If you have any recommendation on the topic you like us to cover or any leaders who you want me to interview…Please drop a line in the comment section and your feedback is a feed forward for me to make this podcast better for you.

Thank you!

Become guest on my podcast 


I am constantly looking forward to having a conversation with people with passion in building strong learning culture who help individuals and their organization or best practices they have brought into the system and been successful for my podcast. 

I’m on a mission to Engage, Enlighten & Empower my listeners to grow and fast track the learning phase and not reinvent the wheel. It also helps to accelerate their learning to stay competitive, transform to be agile, be innovative and achieve goals by being collaborative, learner-centric and technology-enabled.  Read more about this on `Stars of Learning' page.

I heavily promote the episodes to my audience and social networks and I encourage my guests to do the same.

I invite you to listen to a couple of episodes before you apply so that you will get a feel of the type of conversation I am having and questions I am asking.


I am looking for practitioners & experts who are a passion for learning. My past guests include eminent industry leaders, management experts, entrepreneurs, TED speakers with vast experience and in-depth knowledge on the L&D topic

If you have one or many of following, I invite you to fill the form below and I will get in touch with you soon.

  • You are an L&D Practitioner/Expert

  • Your best practices in learning would inspire people listening to your story.

  • You are passionate about developing people for success through learning.

  • You are in the talent development function and want to share your success story.

  • Fought against odds to bring about positive change in the L&D field.

  • You are a thought leader who can add value to this podcast.

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Your feedback is feed forward for me.

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