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Bond with Impeccable Healers!!

Today is a proud occasion as `World Nature Conservation Day’ is celebrated all over the world. We as a human need to recognize that a healthy environment is a foundation for our well-being, and we should take utmost measure to protect conserve and sustain our natural resources. While this day is mostly focused on protecting and not overexploit, I want to grab your attention to use natural healers which are available in abundance and they are the best doctors in the world as they are the greatest gift by nature to protect ourselves.

Yes, friends, Hippocrates said that `The nature itself is the best healing’ and while the whole world is hit with COVID and are in fear of Corona and I want to shift your attention that the ART of healthy living and the greatest gift of nature is the six best doctors in the world and they are Sun, Water, Air, Exercise, Rest and Diet.

The most simple, pure, natural things that all of us can incline to these natural healers for our health and wellbeing, and worst is which are mostly ignored and not utilized well by many.

Sunlight – Research has shown that sunshine has a positive effect on the human mind & while there are many medicinal benefits getting sun exposure in the morning and it is also a primary way to get Vitamin D for your body. In India, we believe the sun as a God and whenever I see the SUN, I feel he doesn’t get tired and retire and he is giving us hope coming back every single day to keep our mind fresh, reduce stress and anxiety. The first thing we see every single day is SUN, right? So, raise your face to the heat of the sun and connect with that fire to feel your own immense power & overall feelings of happiness and why would you want to miss such a natural resource which is available in abundance.

Water – Leonardo da Vinci says, “Water is the driving force in nature” and water plays an important role in our world. While it is sacred for many, drinking a good 2 liters of water a day helps you stay hydrated, clears out toxins, keeps energy levels up, and has no calories. There are too many benefits with water therapy and I'm sure you would have heard that 70% of our body is made up of water. Water is one of the simplest healthy habits you can follow to stay hydrated yourself and be fortunate to make enough use of it. I’m sure you will agree that water is vital for all forms of life and then why not use it as much as required.

Air - A breath of fresh air is a great thing to take and our bodies need air to be alive. Research confirms deep breathing improves blood circulation, mood, and reduce stress. I'm sure you notice the pollution in the city and the fresh air on the outskirts too. Of late we have noticed practicing deep breathing in our daily routine elevates our immune system. So, do ensure to get out in the fresh air as much as possible – once a day as an absolute minimum to feel better.

Exercise - An obvious one, but still overlooked by many, is exercise including me. It is advised that early morning exercise is the perfect way to set yourself up for a tough day ahead and get fit. The benefit of exercises is numerous and get kickstart at least 2-3 hrs. Exercise helps you to get energized and you will gain self-discipline. So, push yourself because no one else can do it for you. A one-hour workout is just 4% of our day and why don’t you start now with no excuses?

Rest - Dalai lama says Sleep is the best meditation and we are so busy these days and stretch beyond the hours needed. But believe me, the magic of `Power Nap’ has helped to boost my energy. I'm sure you have time for 101 things to do, there is also a time for sleep and rest. Just taking 15-20 minutes out for a power nap, or coffee break or stroll in the street is rejuvenating. Deprive of sleep has adverse effects on our health and you might have experienced with lack of one-night sleep would have impacted your mood, productivity, and irritated the whole day. Research has shown that sleep is a necessity and why can’t you take charge to prioritize and get that good sleep every night and that’s in your control too.

Diet - We have all heard this - “You are what you eat”. Eating right with good nutrition is important to lead a healthy lifestyle. You need to ensure you balance your diet with a variety of fruits & vegetables, lean proteins, good fat, plenty of whole grains & starches with moderation. The health of the next generation gets better when you start modeling the right eating habits. It's never too late to change your old pattern, do take the help of a dietician to get better at your diet as healthy eating will improve overall health condition, your mood & memory to work effectively.

Steve Jobs & Ratan Tata added Self-confidence and Friends also to the list. I would recommend Enthusiasm to bring that energy in whatever you do.

It’s important that you need to maintain them in all stages of life to enjoy a healthy positive lifestyle.

If this struck a chord with you, do leave a comment if you are ready to take advantage of these impeccable healers i.e., Sun, Water, Air, Exercise, Rest, and Diet to increase your life span as well as for your progress & success.

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