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Public Speaking Skill – A compelling, confident speaker 👌

I was seeing PM Modi speech yesterday and what caressed me was his public speaking skill. It was truly inspiring and I’m sure you will agree that it caught the attention of the people of the country and across the globe too. The stage was well laid out with context and fostered curiosity among people to look forward to his inputs.

As an HR professional, we all know the `STAR’ technique (Situation, Task, Activity & Result) and all of these were well utilized as storytelling by our PM Modi with a purpose to build confidence among people through the logical, meaningful and personalized way in his charismatic speech.

As an L&D specialist, I felt this was effective storytelling and here are my observations:

  1. Clear Articulation & timing the overall speech

  2. Begin with a high note

  3. Appreciate people for their commitment

  4. Respect & recognized key warriors for their hard work and their achievement

  5. Compelling facts & figures and highlighted valid data points to win the trust of the audience.

  6. He won confidence by keeping life and health as a priority for the people

  7. Briefly described problems and challenges and explained what was required from the people

  8. Expressed to work collaboratively across the spectrum to support every individual for benefit & growth of the nation

  9. Assessing the pain points and built that connect emotionally to gain the support of the people

  10. Open to waive off a few restrictions. However, held the power to pull off when misused

  11. His objective was clear and never compromised on his strategy

  12. His pause at right interval during the speech led people to reflect and not to miss the humor

  13. He involved the audience throughout and sort their feedback + support to achieve the goal

  14. Restating critical points to cement key concepts

  15. End with a positive note

It’s important to know the art of public speaking and build the skillset as we all have to speak in public from time to time. The above points are applicable in our professional and personal life too. I’m not giving preference to any of the political aspects; however, I must remark our PM Modi’s leadership style and strategy in public speaking. I’m sure you will agree that we all will have an opportunity to speak in front of others and people who are dynamic with thorough preparation and practice can only be a star✨.

Look forward to your views & comments!

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1 Comment

Manthan Shetty
Manthan Shetty
Apr 15, 2020

Kudos mam.. So many observations in such a short speech🙌

In fact L&D professionals must use our PM Modi's speeches for the communication or presentation courses.

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