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Virtual Productivity – Don’t let COVID-19 halt you

This is a situation unlike anything we've ever experienced, our hearts go out to those affected by COVID-19. and I can only hope that the global community stand together to see it resolved as quickly as possible. I’m sure many of us are going through the trauma and we may be feeling anxious and overwhelmed, sad stressed confused bored lonely or all of these things at the same time.

Now many of us have started to work from home and for few, it could a challenging task to adapt to this new situation and there is lock-down in India for the next 21 days and it is the same for other countries too. We as a citizen should be mindful of our well-being and others around us. I have been reading a lot of articles, attending webinars, news and I have jotted down one of the useful management tips.

The technique is POSDCORB and I have no doubts about your skills, but if we put our thoughts in a structure will help us to work & manage both at home & work effectively through this method.

  1. Planning – Plan your day with a list of activities you want to accomplish along with the top 3 goals for the day and find the required means to achieve them. This was initially hard for me, but friends believe me it helped me to get back to my routine. Basically, plan your wake up and bedtime as it was on normal days. So that means, this calls for getting up, take shower, do your basic, cook food and get ready as you are going to the office. Create an exclusive desk and wear the office timing hat to be productive. Of course, do take regular breaks and connect with all key resources to be productive. This will create discipline for self and others around you at home & work.

  2. Organized – This is the best quality to balance when you are at home as well working from home and that means you need to gather all the required resources for office work as well home to achieve the goals you have planned. For example: for Office – plan your meetings, have regular employees connect, learn technology and any other activity which will benefit your work. At the same time, you need to manage people & things at home. You may have to call out playtime for your kids, support to elders for medical supporting the family, picking up groceries, laundry, pet time and all other activities should be called out and own your responsibility to take charge efficiently.

  3. Staffing – Pay attention to key members at work or at home who will help you achieve your goals. It is crucial to identify the right task to the right people and their attributes (knowledge, skills, and abilities) in order to meet your objectives. Develop the skill to network with all the members at work or family, friends, colleagues either through chat, phone, video conferencing. Also check on the emotional well-being and concerns owing to the current scenario and extend all the support required and make a difference to that person’s life.

  4. Directing – At this COVID time, while you have weaved necessary plans, organized your activities with your people, you should direct all your action towards your ultimate goal. Wear multiple hats like a mentor, motivator, friend, guide, counsel, instruct either at work or home in leading people on your expectations which are SMART bound. Stick yourself to perform better during this uncertainty and carefully manage others to overcome any challenges with the right support to achieve your goals and note that directing should be your continuous effort.

  5. Coordination – this is a key element and successful coordination saves a lot of time as you are the only soul who needs to take charge and coordinate across and that could be your office team or family members. Ensure you are connecting the dots of the many workarounds efficiently and don’t forget to ask for help to get to your goals.

  6. Reporting – This is the most forgotten aspect by anybody, so gear up to organize mutual reporting at the organization and write down all your activities throughout the day and end with your learning + gratitude as it is a well-known technique which will boost your progress, productivity and plans for the future. Make sure your family members and people you care are informed with relevant information to raise their morale and enhance relationships through the right news channel.

  7. Budgeting – We are living in a situation which is complex and unpredictable hence assess your income and create expense plan and be disciplined about your money matters. You will get into the problem if you do not balance your expenses with your income. You should monitor and sink deeper into your financial status and get clarity on prioritizing your need and probable measure to focus on the savings that are important to you especially in such a pandemic situation we are in.

Implementing the POSDCORB technique made me focus inward and has helped me to be conscious to manage better and bring results I aspire to. Today is the time for a strong resolve & I hope you'll encourage yourself and your members to learn & drive your goals together.

COVID-19 is teaching us a lot and let’s take this adversity as an opportunity and note that balancing is the key to everything we do today. Not everything is locked down, it’s a great opportunity to delve into your personal world to engage in well-being practices, use meditation, exercise, keep a gratitude Journal, reward yourself and others on having a great day. Remember lots of things have not been canceled like music, TV, family together, reading books, singing laughing, playing, there is no stop for your imagination to get creative and have hope in all you do.

Make sure you enjoy every moment and celebrate. I wish you good luck and be safe.

I would love to hear how you can use the POSDCORB method at your work or at home. I look forward to your comment!

Be Safe! Stay Calm! Be Kind!

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