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Alchemy of Life: Self-Love

February is the month of Valentine's Day and many of them think it is the celebration of love and romance only for romantic couples. I want to share with you about celebrating self-love and how special that feeling is. I believe anyone can celebrate it regardless of relationship status.

You might be wondering what is self-love? Before I get into this topic, let me ask you 2 questions for you to ponder and respond yourself

  1. Have you loved yourself anytime in your life?

  2. Have you thought about prioritizing your needs, your feelings, your dreams, your wishes?

If you have answered no or unsure to any of these questions, then this topic `Alchemy of Life- Self Love’ is for you.

I know & I very well understand that our culture focuses on taking care of others rather than self. So, you may not focus on yourself. Believe me, falling in love with yourself is an amazing feeling as you are the most important person in your life! Do you agree?

Then you should also know that it is a basic necessity, fundamental need for life. Now you might be thinking how? And how is it going to add value? It begins by appreciating the best in you, your qualities, your inner beauty which will further lead you to rejoice positivity, inner peace, happiness. Isn’t it a great feeling?

BTW, have you ever wondered if you don’t love yourself, how do you expect others to love you?

Yes, now is the time to appreciate yourself and all that you bring to the world. You deserve love, care, respect and I believe not just today, but every day. You will love others unconditionally only when you start loving yourself.

When I spoke about self-love to my friends and they had their own reasons like they are divorce, my life partner in US, I’m single, I just broke-up, the society I live is not great, family don’t care for me. I acknowledged all their reasons and I asked them what is stopping them to love themselves? It doesn’t matter whatever situation, whatever relationship you have, all I’m asking you is to show yourself some love, only then you can share your joy, happiness, love to all in the universe in abundance. Yes, it’s true and that’s circle of life.

You may ask me another question, why can’t we live without self-love?

We can live without a family, friends, life partner but it’s very difficult to live without self-love. Self-love boosts self-confidence, creates enthusiasm, positivity, you will use your full potential to achieve your dreams. Without self-love, you won’t bother about prioritizing yourself first, you attract sadness, negativity, you will not eat right and not getting enough sleep will disrupt your physical, emotional and mental wellbeing. All these will have huge impact on yourself, people around you and to the world you live.

So, grab this opportunity to date with yourself. You are worth it!

When you are in this process of self-love, do introspect, listen to your inner voice and discover your why, first? The next step is to how do you learn to love yourself? You need to believe, accept, validate, understand, challenge and forgive yourself and put your choices into perspective of self-love.

My inner work of Self-love:

Step 1 – Believe in Self: My transformation unfolded when I prioritized self-love journey by investing time for myself, respecting my mind, body and soul, followed with gratitude every single day.

Step 2 – Accepting myself: I stopped being judgmental, overthinking, guilty and criticizing myself for things not in my control and this helped me to live comfortable in the present moment without any worries.

Step 3 – Acknowledging People as they are: I know that each person is different and what worked for me is that I realized that they will be their way and I cannot change the way I wish beyond a certain point. I acknowledged and developed this ability to softly let go + influence people positively than being paranoid towards one another. This reduced loads of stress on me and expectation from the people in all walks of my life.

Step 4 – Acceptance of circumstances: I understood that self-love is a life-long journey and I stopped dwelling on 5 W and 1 H (why, what, where, who, when and how) instead switched to saying OK, good, this is it and what next. This shift in attitude and action has helped my mind to relax and not wasting my energy.

Step 5 – Challenging Myself: Making right choices, remembering that happiness begins and ends with me, embracing my individuality, celebrating small wins, creating special moments in life that bring joy and fulfillment is completely in my control and I need to strive everyday to be successful

So, friends, you define your happiness and don’t wait for someone else to validate you. Mastering your inner self thoughts, feelings, attitude and actions will help you to transform from ordinary to extra-ordinary in Self-love.

To conclude, Self-love encourages you towards happy and healthier lifestyle. Embrace your unique qualities in high esteem, you are worth it to love yourself fiercely to become the best version of yourself. Get ready to be your own valentine!!

Would love to hear your views, do feel free to share your thoughts by leaving a comment on your self-love journey😊

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