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Mind the Monster in YOU - Good vs Evil

  • Have you realized negative qualities can have a detrimental impact on success?

  • Do you know that there is a constant battle of good over evil in your mind?

  • Are you aware of the consequences if you don’t master your mind?

This Dusshera, as we celebrate a festival of victory of good over evil; let’s enlighten & address our negative traits in our mind which is obstructing our growth and success both inside and outside the world we live in as an individual.

Ravana – a learned scholar with 10 heads had some of the commonly attributed negative qualities at a highest level:

His Ego, Arrogance, Lust, Deceit, Greed, Impulsive, Pride, Anger, Jealousy, Cruelty, Disrespect, Unreliable, No Trust etc. and the list goes on. We all know the fate of Ravana, hence let’s understand why negative qualities impacts growth?

Negative qualities and behaviors can have a significant impact on personal and can have a detrimental impact on success. These qualities can:

  • lead to stagnation,

  • damage relationships,

  • impair decision-making,

  • hinder personal growth,

  • lead to conflict and distraction,

  • erode credibility,

  • cause missed opportunities,

  • poor decision-making,

  • limit networking,

  • result in inefficient time management,

  • damage reputation,

  • affect health, and

  • leads to burnout.

Many such traits have long-term consequences, diverting your energy away from productive activities and hinder progress significantly. Recognizing and addressing this ocean of negative qualities within us is vital for achieving success in personal, professional, and overall life pursuits.

To begin, it starts with self-awareness, education, open dialogue, and efforts to cultivate positive qualities and behaviors that foster personal and collective progress.

Here are the important steps to identify negative qualities in oneself:

1. Engage in regular self-reflection,

2. Seek feedback from trusted sources,

3. Assess progress in achieving personal goals

4. Be mindful of strong negative emotions,

5. Maintain a journal to track your thoughts and behaviors,

6. Analyze your actions in relation to your values,

7. Compare behavior with desired positive qualities,

8. Consider professional guidance,

9. Practice mindfulness, and

10. Utilize self-assessment tools.

This process is crucial and essential for self-improvement and personal growth and one of the powerful tools is to take a pen and paper, reflect for 10-minutes and list out all your behaviors which are blocker for your growth & success.

Initially, I would procrastinate and had fear of doing big things, my health had an impact and took toll on my relationship. Stress piled in me because I was a pleaser and had difficulty to say No. We need to look for such patterns which are hindering our progress. Growth often requires a willingness to acknowledge mistakes, learn from them, and make necessary changes.

The most important step is to be Aware, Analyze & take Action to shift our focus & mindset from any such distractions. Journaling aided me to analyze my strength and development needs for my growth. Open discussion with my accountability partner on my goals as well as with my coach/mentor helped me to harness my potential.

To conclude, negative qualities can act as an obstacle on the path to success, undermining relationships, decision-making, personal growth, and overall well-being. Identifying and addressing these qualities is often a crucial step toward achieving success in various aspects of life.

Hence, the concept of “good over evil” is essential as a guiding principle for moral and ethical behavior, promoting social harmony, personal development, and conflict resolution. It holds religious, cultural, and literary significance, inspiring hope, justice, and accountability, and driving human progress and this can happen only when you mind the monster in you!

I hope by next Dusshera, burn all the evil in you and bring loads of goodness to your life!! Happy Vijayadashami Wishes to you and your family!

Would love to hear your views, do feel free to share your thoughts by leaving a comment, thank you😊

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