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Breakthrough with T3 for Success - Trainer Training Technique

Hello, it gives me great pleasure & pride to greet all the people of India, living in the country and abroad, on the eve of the 75th Independence Day. August 15th fills us with the excitement & celebrations and gratefully remember our freedom fighters and martyrs whose sacrifices have enabled us to live in an independent nation.

It’s a special moment as on this day, youth of India are also recognized for various achievements and who had made India proud. One such stupendous achievement and I’m sure whole India was celebrating in this month was for Neeraj Chopra making history in his Olympic debut, winning javelin gold in Tokyo for India's first ever track and field athlete to win an Olympic gold medal for India.

Yes, I remember in one of the leaderships connect to all the new joiners of the organization during onboarding, saying that the organization has all the support system required for individual development & growth, however it is your RESPONSIBILITY as an individual to own your career progress and take action to get results. Read this again!

I’m not a sports person, however was curious to know the journey of Neeraj’s achievement and social media was making waves of information and 3 things stood out for me on his breakthrough and success and i.e., Trainer, Training, Technique (T3) with no compromise to his hard-work and commitment he had for his field and to the country.

You may wonder what I mean by T3 and why it is important? So, lets deep dive on (T3) Trainer, Training, Technique


Having mentor, teacher, guide or manager relationship can be a powerful tool for professional growth as they can change your career in a right way. Please note that a mentor is a person you respect for their knowledge, wisdom, integrity and perspective and who sets aside time to guide you and your ideas from concept to fruition.

What I believe is that no one mentor can achieve all of our goals and I precisely observed that Neeraj was developing several mentor relationships as he was progressing in his career. He was clear on his goals and consciously making that shift to get the right results from different mentors at different stages. If you have noticed, Neeraj’s win has brought the focus back on his coaches and Karnataka Government announced a cash award for Kashinath Naik – Neeraj’s coach for guiding him to this win.


A strong training program is a great way to improve organization brand as well as to nurture individual development and success. Once you have the right mentors, you need to fast-forward your focus on training by identifying your potential, understanding your responsibilities and sharpening your competencies (knowledge, skill, Attitude) to be more efficient and productive. Many of Neeraj’s team, coaches say that his win his purely due to his dedication, focused, hard work and performing consistently over the past 5 years competing against the best, managing the demons of competition and pressure to reach this stage today.

Neeraj’s’ says practice makes perfect and nothing should come between his aim. His target in training was aimed at enhancing his skills with advanced methods to improve his efficiency in achieving his goals & objectives. He was open to feedback, made shift in mentors to get right knowledge, following up on agenda, making notes to stay on track and delivering consistently yielded the right results.

As a trainer myself, I can assure that when evaluated & measured, your Return on Investment in training will always be high and this holds good with Sub. Neeraj Chopra who addressed his skill gap, improved the performance and fostered growth through training. Neeraj was able to reach his current rank at a fast phase by winning many medals at National and international level, and he also says the journey continues to create many more stories to his win.


It’s a flipped learning when core skills applied appropriately with technique can be brilliance as it focuses solely on the goals & end results and the learning is wholly controlled by the learner. It necessitates certain practices and behaviors which needs courage & responsibility in making the choice to do what is right. Neeraj had right mentors who shared the techniques (experimented tools) to equip him with updated tactics, strategies and pointers and made him use on the playground to enhance his performance in real-time.

Neeraj is an opportunistic who believed in moving beyond the limitations, believing that nothing is impossible, giving everything to the game & play true to support the system. He harnessed the technique to be grounded at all time as well as transform his energy process. He also gained a higher level of performance quicker, and he also believed that the techniques in game ensures the longevity in the overall game career to sustain, stabilize & succeed.

To reiterate, the first step to get the breakthrough is to believe in yourself. Master the T3 approach in whatever the profession you are in by valuing your trainers, focusing on your training/learning and applying the techniques for making history.

This will be the best story to inspire young generation on this special day of Independence Day that “Sports has Power to Change the World" & I’m dedicating this article to the Historical Gold Moment of the Nation.

Hats off to Indian army who started Mission Olympic 2020 and win Gold in athletics, first time by an Indian to the nation and its pride moment for all soldiers as it is won by an Indian army Neeraj Chopra and wishing you many more successes in your endeavor from all hearts of Indians and beyond.

Would love to hear your views, do feel free to share your thoughts by leaving a comment, and enjoy your Independence Day 😊

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