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Freedom to FastTrack - Remote Working

The world as we know it has changed at a rapid speed this year 2020. Let's agree that world we lived is not going to go back the way it was because everything has changed the way that we look at things and if you notice people are quickly adapting to the process and if you're not quick to make those changes & position yourself in your life and your career, you will be on the losing side.

The report says that we are at a fast pace in digital transformation & it is survival of the quickest in terms of quick decision-making, quick action taking, quick learning will be able to survive and succeed. So, it’s a very interesting time where you need to understand where to position yourself, living a more conscious life, adding value to yourself & to the society.

Key 3 things to keep in mind to be successful and that is 1. Daily Routine 2. Distractions & 3. Communication

Daily Routine: As a first step your daily routine has to be right. Here are a few tips which will help you to make that win daily and these small wins will definitely lead to your larger goals.

  1. Be Disciplined – The difference between good to great is being disciplined and I’m sure nobody wants to tell you why discipline is important, however, this is the foundation for success, as your self-discipline will help you to have a strong self-belief to achieve anything you plan in your life.

  2. Dress Properly - Knowing how to dress is extremely important and you need to dress well to feel confident and energetic. It certainly affects the way we think, feel act & the way others react to us. The way you look plays a role in your success at the workplace, so dress appropriately.

  3. Set Work Hours – Consistent work schedule will help you to be punctual at work as well as personal life. Respecting work hours is vital to your success as it will help you to be well-organized by meeting deadlines, prioritizing your work & minimizing the stress which ultimately leads to a balance between life & work for best.

  4. Plan a Schedule – Planning and scheduling are essential for your goals as it helps you to keep track of your daily activities realistically. This guides you to be more effective in what you do and enables you to be more productive with greater opportunities.

  5. Exercise – We all know that exercise is important, and research says that all you need is 30 minutes of exercise to maintain a healthy lifestyle. This, in turn, makes you happier, increases energy, prevent with health problems and it boosts concentration & memory power

  6. Rest Well – Resting is part of your life cycle and this helps in your productivity. A Good night sleep restores your energy, helps to stay mentally and physically fit & improves memory with a healthy brain

  7. Do Fun Stuff – We all have responsibilities to tackle, however, Science encourages you to make time for fun as it gives you strength amidst stress, makes you smarter, energetic, and let you do many more things.

Distraction: It’s true that we have no choice & agree that you have a lot of distractions, motivation level is low, unable to collaborate with key people as you were doing in normal days.

  1. Separate Workspace – A dedicated workspace at home will yield more focus & concentration. It will help you disengage with other personal attention which may distract during your work timing. Also clearly state yourself and your kin when interruptions are allowed

  2. Unplug WIFI – One of the best ways to reduce your distraction is by switching off your Wi-Fi for a dedicated time as it reduces your exposure to unwanted notifications, improves your health by not being anxious about FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) and it brings your attention back to your schedule.

  3. Be away from Fear/Stress – Fear is one of the most powerful emotions which affects your mind and body. This stress can hold you back from doing things you want, and in-turn impacts your health. The best way is not to avoid any fear and get exposed to face it & mitigate it, so you live life to the fullest.

  4. Stay off Social Media –Social media is equally good and bad, and it all depends on how responsibly you use them. It can sap your energy, addiction, and may kill your patience. So, quit to stay focused to achieve your goals as it saves a lot of your time and mood.

  5. Keep the Television Turned Off - It’s a psychological effect that you get hooked & may lose control of what you are watching on TV. So be aware, is it giving an opportunity for you to scale and connect or is it impairing your capacity for rational thought. So, focus on output and its result in your life and minimize it as necessary

Communication: Communication plays a vital role in our daily lives and an essential tool in achieving productivity and your professional/personal relationships effectively for your success and have listed few points below which gives you an opportunity to enhance your growth and career.

  1. Journaling - Believing in yourself is one of the most important steps in building your life success and this is possible with one of the great habits i.e., Journaling It helps you to keep your thoughts visually organized and achieve your goals. It also develops writing habit, enhances emotions with gratitude & to optimize your potential.

  2. Collaborate - You create a strong bond, enthused when you communicate openly with your team members. It builds trust among the people you interact & collaboration boosts your results in your productivity, performance & overall morale.

  3. Social Interaction - We must take every opportunity through social interaction as it offers countless benefits for your professional and personal life. The most important is to build a community to network, share your experience with like minded people. Also, a tool to reflect, interact and motivate fellow members in the digital space.

  4. Learn a New Skill - Continuous learning is key to exceed your skill, boost your career, and foster your growth and development. The future of work is Learning, it helps you to gain mastery in a new skill which keeps you motivated with a sense of accomplishment.

  5. Listen to Experts - History is what shapes the future. Listening to experts is a great way of learning who shares their experience, know-how, and advice for you to succeed. It helps you to know the subject and that would exponentially save your time as you have a great resource to make the right choice.

  6. Revisit your Hobby - Hobbies are something we love, passionate & cherish the moment. Engaging in a hobby is a sense of comfort, motivation, stress buster and an opportunity to socialize with others with your new skill

  7. Reflect your Career Plan - Circumstances may arise to reevaluate and reflect your career plan. Self-reflection will be the first step to take a hard look at your current scenario along with skills, interest, career, values & your passion. Assess & plan what is critical to your productive future and take a leap.

You need to have a thoughtful consideration to embrace your daily routine, having ground rules for distractions and adding much more of Communication with confidence in your life which will lead you to the right track and make you productive in whatever the role you do with exciting outcomes and happiness in your life.

Remember that this 2020 we are in a war zone and we need to be alert, protect ourselves with a mission as you are the only one who can make a difference to yourself. Make your choices and target at one level higher than what you can achieve as we have got a great opportunity to reset everything through remote working.

Be Safe, Stay Calm, Be Kind, and most importantly Be Positive with your perspectives and emerge Stronger with Freedom to FastTrack your Career. Look forward to your comments!

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