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Knock the BAGGAGE…. You Carry

Updated: Mar 10, 2020

Glad to inform you that International Women's Day (March 8) is a global day celebrating the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women. The theme for International Women's Day (8 March) 2020 is, I am Generation Equality: Realizing Women's Rights.

I wanted to talk so much about the theme of 2020 and before that what hit me hard was that there is something big in front of women that they are not able to connect in identifying their dignity, their equality and their rights.

We need to remove the systematic barrier created by the society be it…Social or economic, public or private….Let me tell you a story!

`I’m sure we all ladies carry lovely handbag anywhere we go? Don’t you? I’m sure you carry all your essential things in your magical bag; and the best ones which you put in use like your makeup kit, sunglasses, notepads, perfumes, pens, medical needs, and the list goes on.

Just think about a fruit you love, and you carry it in that magical bag. I’m sure it would be fine if you carry this fruit in your bag on day 1. It’s Day 3 and your fruit in the bag will still be OK. Now it’s day 5 and I wonder you may not find that fruit as good or as fresh you kept on the day 1 and OMG it is day 7 and you might be seeing the fruit in a bad shape, it's getting smelly, rotten….I’m sure now you don’t want to carry that favorite fruit of yours in your bag anymore. You immediately want to discard and clean the mess from your magical bag, dry wash, cleanse it & get it back in shape, Don’t you?

Now let me tell you that what I realized when I interacted with so many women that they find it difficult to let go of such baggage (rotten fruit) they carry in their life. Yes, I want to talk about the baggage we carry and that could be guilt, shame, anger, secret, hurt, jealousy, hatred, resentment, less confidence and the list goes on.

It’s time to introspect and identify such scars or wounds which are in your baggage and let-go them as quickly as possible.

I’m sure it is not that easy as said. It would definitely be difficult; it may shake you up and I want you to reflect on 3 things when you want to get rid of your baggage (rotten fruit) or you want to let it go. Please ask these 3 questions and be true to answer them.

  1. Is it helping you to Step-Up and making you Success?

  2. Is it giving you an Opportunity for Learning?

  3. Is it making you feel low and miserable to live your life to the fullest?

You alone have the power to make a choice and make your choice right and decide what you want to carry in your magical bag. Only then you will be empowered, and your empowerment is a necessity for the development and growth of the society.

I must tell you that the top 5 reasons why women carry that baggage is due to lack of support, social responsibility as a priority, their conditioning not to take the risk, fear of change and culture too.

I strongly feel that somewhere as a woman:

  • We have always failed back each other

  • We have always failed to trust each other

  • We have always failed to help in the journey

  • We have always failed to support each other

I urge you need to break the limiting belief mindset, come out of the comfort zone and be aware of your own strength and opportunities to extend your hand, collaborate and help another woman around us to prosper.

You may wonder how easy is it to follow and adapt?

Here are the few golden words which have helped me to scale, be agile in every walk of my life and those are 3 R’s and 3 C’s.

3 R's 3 C's

Responsible for our actions Conviction – Belief in self

Being Relevant Confidence in whatever you do

Ability to Reflect Not let-go your Commitment

Remember that you are running a race and run the race within you to beat yourself and to be a better you. It is not a race with any other women or any gender. Recognize your inherent dignity, be gender inclusive in whatever the goal you aspire for and don’t forget to ask for help whenever required.

You need to listen to your inner voice and affirm and always say “ I can - I will” and definitely there is no look back in what you do & unleash the potential of your capability to engage enlighten and empower women in you and around you to overcome obstacles and prosper to achieve success.

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