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The Leader calls Leader: A game-changer strategy

Do you recognize the leader around us who demonstrates self-confidence in their ability, creates opportunities, contributes to the betterment of the people, changes things with a vision of purpose that motivates people to build trust in the right way?

I was seeing PM Modi's speech yesterday and his style of speaking was crisp, direct to the point & inspiring. I’m sure you will agree that Modi Wave caught the attention of the people of the country and across the globe too. The stage was well laid out with context and fostered curiosity among people to look forward to his inputs.

As a learning & development specialist, few effective leadership styles which is a game-changer:-

  1. Choice of time for speech is important & timing the overall speech is the first move of any leader.

  2. Started with gratitude & appreciating people for their commitment & support in the journey

  3. Respect & Recognition across all levels of warriors for their hard work and their achievement which is most forgotten by many leaders.

  4. Ease the audience's anxiety with compelling facts & figures and highlighted valid action items, several measures taken for economic stability.

  5. As a leader, he made it prominent that he is a student for a lifetime, and he is also learning and briefly described past reference with lessons learnt and how quickly adapted to improve the situation.

  6. Building courage & preparation to resolve while assessing the problems and challenges.

  7. Understanding & sympathizing with the pain points and built that human connect with care for people’s life and health as a priority

  8. Empowering his team to make a decision as appropriate and he also enabled them to build confidence among other working professionals

  9. Clear direction on his strategy & his objective was on 2 things for members to act 1. Lockdown as last option 2. Focus on the micro containment zone to move the hurdle.

  10. Restating critical points to cement key concepts + encouraging media to support in bringing the right information and not panic the public

  11. Involving people across all genre from senior citizen to youth to children throughout and brought interdependence, responsibility, and collaboration to achieve the common goal

  12. Addressing youth to create more leaders to organize committee & help the country in the journey

To conclude, I have no preference for any of the political aspects here. It’s important to know & understand the skills of the leader to apply in your personal or professional life and please note a leader can become a great leader if and only if he creates more leaders and not followers.

Every leader should grab the opportunity to walk together, move together, think together to take care of those in his charge & move miles ahead for success.

Look forward to your views & comments!

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