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Thrive for EXCELLENCE – Real Azadi

We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence then is not an act, but a habit. -Aristotle

My question to you,

  1. Did you have a teacher who told you that you can do much better than you are capable of?

  2. When you put your 100% and your teacher told you could do more?

Your teacher is pushing your limitations to go beyond. Yes teachers are our next guru after our parents. Are you eager to excel in your life?

Then below skills will help you to thrive through the journey of excellence and that will be your real freedom in all aspects of your life. To begin:

ENTHUSIASM: Nothing great can be achieved without enthusiasm and this is an essential habit you need to inculcate. You need to observe this feeling and watch your energy when you are working on something or for someone as enthusiasm will be the key to trump your devotion, interest, passion to achieve what you aspire, happy & success.

X-FACTOR: With enthusiasm, you are already building strong influence of being an expert and X-factor will focus on your strength which will make you unique and stand out confidently and create more opportunities. This trait will differentiate you from the common crowd and make you shine, so discover your X-Factor to grow.

COLLABORATE: Steve Jobs says `Great things in business are never done by one person’ and I believe there is no fun working alone and that extra mile will give greater advantage when you have a team to celebrate your win. You gain trust, harmony and partnership goes stronger when you are together and that sparks your energy to contribute more and lead with the team.

EXPLORE: Exploration builds curiosity and fill your life with experience to put in action. Explore as far as possible and as deeper and be fearless as you can’t grow & explore with your limiting belief. This is an added advantage to be a differentiator, niche and unique, so work towards it with an aim. You need to have that ambition and aspiration to do much more than you are capable of as your success will determine your maximum potential.

LEARN: The beautiful thing about learning is that nobody can take if away from you. In this VUCA world, change is constant and knowledge you have gained will get outdated. The key to excel is to shift your mindset on continuous learning and bite-sized learning everyday can be a differentiator. Have a constant desire to learn & cultivating a culture of learning is a holistic way will gear up your career ladder.

LOGICAL: While you might be expert in the subject, logic and reasoning is vital for your work and your development. Wear a critical thinking hat to have your facts right, ideas clear, to gear your knowledge & communicate in clarity. This skill set will enable you to know the gravity of the problem, evaluate, convince with probable solutions & enhance your strategy & decision making.

EFFICIENCY: You become efficient when you learn, unlearn relearn. Only the, you will quickly be able to adapt to grow with unprecedented changes and engage in this dynamic world. So, focus on what’s in trend as you not only need to be efficient but effective by assessing your skillsets, role requirement and having clear plan on your goals and also deliver with commitment.

NEWNESS: Adapting to newness can be vulnerable, however the value of a work lies in its newness. Shift your mindset to optimize& awaken your strengths and thoughts with the newness in what you do. This can be awesome in disrupting the old legacy & thoughts and involve in an amazing opportunity to take up the new role, new responsibility, new skills, new roles to make the better version of yourself.

COMMUNICATION: The most important thing in communication is consistency. It is vital and extremely significant in your journey of success and growth ladder. I believe communication creates strong relationship and makes you confident, capable and this skill will equip you to be assertive, open, proactive and rapidly improves quality of your working style as communication is the foundational principle to your personal and career success.

EXTRAVAGANT: The journey of excellence begins with enthusiasm and extravagant skill is a necessity which will set you apart and that’s what makes you great. There is hope in extravagance and great things happen when you move out of your comfort zone to discover your dream and be unstoppable to master anything.

To recap, the skills to thrive for EXCELLENCE:

E - Enthusiasm

X – X-Factor

C - Collaborate

E - Explore

L - Learn

L - Logical

E - Efficient

N - Newness

C - Communication

E - Extravagant

"Your mind will answer most of your questions, right? then focus to be determined and believe that all the skills mentioned above are important to you as you are the best teacher to make a choice of excellence as your top priority. Understand that the journey of excellence is continuous towards a better self & nothing can stop you if you channelize well to master the excellence.

Wishing you and all my teachers a Happy Teachers' Day! On this special day, I would like to thank you for being my guide & all the efforts you have put in to make me a better person in life & wishing you all happy excellence journey.

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