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You are the Boss: Decode your strength to #FightBack #Refocus #TakeControl

Last weekend was filled with festivities in India and I had the opportunity to call & talk to a few friends and relatives and it was so refreshing as well as one thing that was common across them was pain. They were struggling to fight back this second wave of COVID because of many experiences they have gone through.

At the same time I was looking at one FB post by my sister about media hype & her humble appeal to the news media to stop showing all day long hospitals, disadvantages, helplessness suffering, dying and she was annoyed media creating panic in public life. BTW I felt that even a healthy person is getting sick of this & also realized that not all people subscribe to Netflix, Amazon Prime or use YouTube. Yes, people are getting demotivated and distressed looking at media.

I took a step back and was thinking how it is helping with one post on FB with no call to action for ourselves. So, friends this is the moment we need to be stronger and that's not only physical even mental guys as each one you are bombarded facing terrifying & disturbing incidents in your life as well as around you.

Few experiences which people shared and I don’t want to go into detail about. I shall pinpoint them here for you to rely……

  • Pain of death in the family/friends & not being able to say a proper goodbye

  • Guilt, anger and stress because of the situation & tensed of the future

  • One of the family members being tested positive

  • Elderly members are alone at home

  • Health condition not being stable

  • Overwhelming of emotions like loneliness, isolation, feeling home… like a prison

  • Panic due to viral fever or cold

  • Daily routine impact + job loss and no money

  • Misinformation of disease (more of myth, than truth)

  • Sarcasm & Criticism of people

  • Missing the vaccine & Vaccination unavailability + many other lost opportunities

Seriously guys…. I sigh and I was all ears listening to them and there could be many more such stories resonating with you in these dark times... right?

My only question to you……. How are you coping?

Please share your thoughts so that it can help many people who are in grief and looking for ways to come out of this desperate zone. Together we can definitely fight this battle so I don't want your brain frozen in looking at all these negativities around but get SMARTER in reasoning and analyzing on how you can bring value to your life and to the people around you.

Don't worry I'm not here to talk about the covid crisis anymore and I make a conscious effort to move away from dealing with covid messages, and and I say to people to refocus on what is in their control so that they can make a difference to the world or at least to the people who are near and dear.

Do you know …. with this small request, I’m able to build healthy conversation and I’m hoping you will support people who are dealing with this difficult time. Today everyone is in grief adding to social distancing, hence it is important for all of us to accept that the 2nd wave could be a life-threatening and is hitting us hard.

So, If you ask me……. What to do with this pandemic compounding?

My simple formula is #FightBack #Refocus #TakeControl….. as this has helped my friends and relatives like magic and they are able to bring smile on their face + their near ones are feeling much better to deal this crisis.

Are you wondering how can you fight back? Believe me that there are numerous ways to fight back in this pandemic as there is very little care available in the country & people are looking for that helping hand who can support in whatever possible way to reduce this anxiety and depression.

Yes, this lockdown, restrictions loneliness, depression has hit the ceiling. Make a choice to fight back by distracting yourselves, being responsible in every action you take, stay motivated and be positive to help each other in every possible way .

Here are some good practices that have helped people to deal with this crisis:

1. Health is Wealth: Increase your body immunization and trick your mind to be confident

2. Daily Routine: Prioritize all tasks, add variety, and don’t make it boring

3. Listen Actively : Lending an ear & being connected to any platform

4. Support: Call or tell your loved and near ones that you're there to back them

5. Have Me-Time: Its ok to sob, it’s also OK to smile, so take a break & rediscover yourself

6. Help: Small act of kindness can go a long way in form of food, medicine, contacts

7. Bonding: Person to person compassion is powerful and that’s the need of the hour

8. Music: Destress with music to heal all your worries and enjoy the moment

9. Networking: Build community support and co-exist in joy & grief & lastly

10. Humanity: Power of Gratitude & Blessing wont rust you as humanity is divine.

To conclude:

You are the BOSS - Decode your strength to #FightBack #Refcous #TakeControl & do the things that give comfort and keep your spirits up… to be a better you. Let us not blame anyone, do what is possible. challenge yourself to bring happiness and lift the covid gloom in all possible ways & most important have patience for this pandemic to end 😊

Stay blessed and be safe. Look forward to your views & comments!

To listen: Thank You!

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