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Maximize your Engineering Career - Think Ahead

Engineer's Day is observed in several countries on various dates of the year and In India, Engineer’s Day is celebrated on 15th September as a tribute to the greatest Indian engineer and Bharat Ratna Sir Mokshagundam Vishweshvaraya (popularly known as Sir MV).

While we all have heard that Engineers are doers, and engineering requires innovation as it’s all about practicality & they believe that everything in life is based on Engineering. Trust me, I can vouch for it as my whole family is into the engineering field and while they hate to study, they are creative, love technology and they have radical ideas in their mind.

I want to grab your attention that Engineering is one of the fastest-growing professions and demands in terms of skills and knowledge are intense. Hence the combination of both hard and soft skills is essential to be a successful engineer.

A diverse range of skills is necessary to excel as an engineer and here are 3 essential skills that are essential to impress the hiring employer.

Technology skills: Technical skills with up-to-date is important regardless of your role or industry you are working and to be fit in the future workforce. The opportunities are endless, and employers pay high to people who have mastered the know-how of technical skills and if you are a specialist would be an added advantage as a valuable resource to employers.

Your in-depth expertise in industry best practices on all technology skills will boost your confidence to take on challenging roles and your ability to work in complex roles will lead to an increase in customer satisfaction & company productivity.

Computer Skills

Industry Skills

Domain skills

Structural analysis

Data Modeling

Higher Mathematics

Project Management skills: The project management landscape is changing every day and trends happening in Project Management will give clarity with a higher level of performance and productivity.

You as an engineer will never work alone and you will work with across the hierarchy as well as outside your department. Hence Knowledge of managing projects from start to finish is essential and your ability to stay ahead on the project lifecycle with clear vision is a critical component for your performance and organizational success.

Strategic Planning

Risk Management

Organizational design


Quality Control

Stakeholder Management

Soft-skills: There is been a growing importance of `Soft-skills' in the modern workplace as well as for employee’s career growth & success.

You need to focus on emotional intelligence to communicate, collaborate, and positive relationships to enhance your work performance and productivity. Soft-skills are highly valued and are even considered more important than technical knowledge.







No matter which role you are in and you are working in any industry, organizations look for candidates who are qualified and passionate in their personal & professional development. So, take advantage of all the 3 essential skills to showcase your ability holistically & it will take time to master and you will require additional training to nurture the skills too.

Please note that an Engineer is a person who is practical, applies the skills & knowledge of basic science for the good of Society & it is engineering that changes the world, hence set yourself up to invest your time & money on continual learning to excel your career as an engineer 😊

Dedicating this blog to engineers in my family & to the world of engineers wishing you a very happy & joyous engineering day.

Really appreciate your time and thank you for reading. Would be happy to see your response & feedback in the comment box below, Gratitude.

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