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Why you NEED a Guru?

Parents/Guru/Mentor/Teacher/Manager/Leader plays a vital role in guiding, supporting, and nurturing the growth and development and their role in our life is important & critical for several reasons. It gives an opportunity to strengthen the bond between the parent and the child, teacher and the student, mentor and the mentee, guru and disciple, manager or leader and team. It reminds us of the eternal value of learning and growth which are enabled beyond the boundaries.

Here are some key aspects that highlight the importance of the Parents/ Guru/ Mentor/ Teacher/ Manager/ Leader:

  1. Personal and Professional Development: Do you agree that a teacher/guru plays a crucial role in our personal and professional development? A guru’s guidance, experience and expertise who are willing to provide advice, and support to help us navigate in our careers, helping us to develop new skills, and overcome challenges. Having a mentor or guru helps any individual to expand our knowledge, gain new perspectives, and enhance our abilities, ultimately leading to personal growth and success. This has helped me make informed decisions, broaden my vision and set goals in a right way.

  2. Knowledge Transfer: We cannot operate in silo and with `we know all’ mindset. Mentor or guru facilitates the transfer of their knowledge, wisdom and are willing to share their expertise, insights, and lessons learned from their own experiences, enabling us to benefit from their knowledge. This knowledge transfer is invaluable in various domains, such as academia, business, sports, health, arts, and many other fields where we can apply and see results instantly and we don’t have to reinvent the wheel. I have gained practical insights and avoided common pitfalls which may would have happened without guru’s in my life.

  3. Networking and Opportunities: Have you noticed your teacher or guru often involves you in building relationships and expanding your horizon? These teachers/Guru can provide access to valuable connections, recommendations that can enhance career prospects, introductions, and opportunities within & beyond their professional circles. As a podcaster, this has helped me to establish meaningful contacts, open doors to new possibilities.

  4. Support and Encouragement: Do you get enough support and encouragement during challenging times? Yes, mentors/gurus can standby, they do offer guidance, reassurance, and motivation when we face obstacles, setbacks, or uncertainties. They can act as a sounding board for ideas, offer advice on how to overcome difficulties, and provide emotional support, fostering our resilience and confidence. Agree? I was able to think more concretely by actively seeking their guidance, and have implement the advice received just in time and their constructive feedback has made me align with my goals upstream.

  5. Personalized Guidance: One of the key benefits of having a guru is the individualized attention and guidance that they provide. Unlike formal education or training programs, these gurus provide tailored advice and feedback based on our specific needs and goals. They can identify strengths, weaknesses, and areas for improvement, and provide personalized strategies to help us achieve our objectives. I was able to surpass my personal challenges and professional insecurities and have got their guidance and support without any judgement.

  6. Leadership and Role Modeling: Teachers/guru is closely associated with leadership development. Effective teachers/mentors often serve as role models, exemplifying qualities such as integrity, empathy, resilience, and professionalism. I have learnt their leadership skills and behaviors by observing and interacting and have mirrored the same to be a better leader myself. All these are possible when you believe and associate yourself with such role models.

  7. Long-Term Support: Guru-Disciple relationships can extend beyond specific goals or timeframes. They can offer ongoing support and guidance throughout our journey, even as circumstances and challenges evolve. This long-term support can be invaluable in ensuring continuous learning, growth, and development. This has helped me to focus on growth mindset, embracing new ideas, seeking feedback, and actively seeking opportunities for learning and development. I believe that based on the challenges and circumstances every people we come across teaches us one or the other aspect & this open mindset creates an opportunity to learn from any hierarchy.

I have experienced that the mentors/gurus create positive and nurturing environment to absorb in building a strong relationship. They have enabled few key values like Trust, Respect, Open Communication, Integrity, Empathy, Accountability and Continuous Learning. These skills help us to shape the interactions and dynamics between mentors/gurus, ensuring that the relationship is supportive, empowering, and conducive to our growth and development.

To conclude, mentoring or gurus are important because it fosters personal and professional growth, facilitates knowledge transfer, expands networks, provides support and encouragement, offers personalized guidance, cultivates leadership qualities, and ensures long-term support. Learning from the experiences of Parents/ Guru/ Mentor/ Teacher/ Manager/ Leader is a powerful tool which maximizes our potential, and navigate the paths to success.

This Guru Poornima, I wish to express my gratitude and acknowledge the role of all the gurus who have played a pivotal role in shaping my life in all boundaries for growth and success.

So, are you convinced of the usefulness of having a Parents/ Guru/ Mentor/ Teacher/ Manager/ Leader in your life?

Look forward to your views and comments😊

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