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Transition to a Digital Ethos: Essential gadgets and gear for productivity

Hi Friends, how are you doing today?

It's December already and isn't it this the time of the year that we all think about having a resolution and goals for ourselves. 2020 you know that we are living in a different world & yes it's a virtual world and most of our interactions at work, school, colleges, business are all on the screen and we have transitioned to digital way whether we like it or not & it is across all genre who want to be employable or being an entrepreneur should start to embrace digital change as life is not going back to normalcy and digital is the future and hence you being active, agile and adapt is important. You need to be confident to get into the skin of digital. and let me tell you a resolution that will help you grow

Today I want you to Unlock your digital need like a pro and I'm sure you would have tried few of them in the year 2020 And I'm going to help you to discover few of the gadgets which have helped me to be productive and convenient and I'm confident by spending a little on your digital essentials before the New year will keep you trendy to impact your growth and build a smarter you in 2021.

It’s hard not to love these gadgets which are useful and some of them are downright ingenious & these are critical must haves to prepare for (or invest in) in 2021. To begin:

1. Internet Connection (A fast good connection, maybe unlimited bandwidth)- Working from home you are likely to use your internet and secondly if you use video conferencing & if you don’t have enough bandwidth & good speed then you are in trouble. You might have experienced how in a meeting or webinar or zoom call where one says that can you hear me, or voice cracking or screen freezing and then probably one will say I need to switch off my camera. So friends If you are currently on a limited plan, then you might want to consider upgrading this (it might be a good time to find a better deal too) because you don't want network limits or extra charges to start kicking in when you least expect them. Imagine that you yourself making that presentation to your boss or your client or your teacher/lecturers and you say that you are not going to show your face because of low bandwidth. Hence, it's extremely essential to invest in a good internet connection. I have 2 connections Jio for home & airtel for my workspace and my last option is a mobile hotspot. This helps as even my kids have logged in to their classes or my husband on Netflix as it doesn't interrupt the work I do. I also have a Wi-Fi connection with a 5G speed 300Mbps upload speed & which helps if I'm presenting or speaking on a larger digital platform.

2. Headset - A decent pair of headphones or earbuds is a must-have & what I suggest is you should pick something that fits for you, is comfortable, and that sounds good to you. I do take a lot of calls + recording & editing hence I have picked noise-canceling headphone which is wired and you can choose wireless too. Get into the habit of using headphones as it helps no echoing and noise cancellation of your background enabled with a headset which may be audible to your audience otherwise. The trick is whenever I'm on my headphones none of my family members interrupt me as that indicates I'm on a call and it frees me up to use my hand to make notes, check out the screen and this can save you from unnecessary distress.

3. Webcam - A good quality HD webcam with 3P or 5P lens with night vision which comes with USB interface and these days you have a built-in mic for video calls to create a high performing impression to present yourself without any issue. when you are on camera, you will be seen as a well-groomed professional and no one will miss out when you make a great point in the meeting and definitely worth investing.

4. Clip-on Mic - What goes without saying is that we need to speak well in our digital presence and it's a good idea to plug a mic to ensure every word of yours is heard clearly. Well, I use an Omni-directional condenser microphone while I speak in virtual meetings or podcasting for the quality of audio as it will have a superb sound for presentations and video recording and people will be glad hearing your voice and interacting with you.

5. Ring Light – you cannot sit in dark during calls and a well-lit atmosphere will certainly boost your productivity & mood, hence make sure there is specific lighting at your work desk that you can control. There are a variety of products in the market and I use Ring light which comes with an adjustable tripod and flexible smartphone holder it's got 2 three different versions of lights doesn't really cost too much. I have noticed that my productivity and zeal for work enhanced and I cannot emphasize enough on the importance of good lighting when you are virtually connected on a video.

Additional Gadgets: Along with your laptop & phone, I also think you should invest in few gadgets like a wireless keyboard & mouse which is washable, an ergonomics chair for your comfort, a heavy-duty power extension board, multi-port charger, laptop inclined stand, a cooling pad which can become a savior in your digital work life.

Digital is the future whether we like it or not and it comes with the smart features you need. So, increase the success of your digital journey by strengthening your ability to connect, communicate, and collaborate with the gadget that suits your needs and fits in your workday.

Again I reiterate that it is absolutely imperative to adapt and grow with the world around you & most important to convince your mindset to embrace the digital environment & reevaluate the tools that will help you grow and be more efficient, empowered as these gadgets become a lifetime supporter to stay in the competitive advantage.

Final words

What you need today is really these new gadgets – the fastest internet connection, headset, webcam with intelligent light & a good mic to show off how professional you are. Oh yes, don’t give any excuse saying that it costs a hell a lot of money and not the right time to invest. Edward Humphrey, Director of Digital & Ventures at British Film Institute stresses the point that it “isn’t a waste of money, it is the necessary cost of change.” & believe me, friends, it will be exciting to see how you will integrate technology in your life as the new year extends and it’s fun to explore and thrilling to learn & adapt to these gadgets as 2021 is going to be an interesting year and we need to gear up to become digital-savvy.

Would be happy to see your response & feedback in the comment section and If you want some advice on any particular product, please comment & I will be happy to answer all your queries.

Again, with huge gratitude to all my readers wishing you all a very Happy Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Thank you :-)

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